Season 3 Episode 4

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This week, we speak with Master Jon and Slave amendah regarding leather titleholding and we briefly touch on how to approach someone for play.IL Master slave 2014 pic

Questions for this week:

1) Kelly in Montana – My partner lately has lost all desire for kink. When I first met him, he seemed full of life and energy. We went to the parties and generally had a good time. I’m debating taking over one of the parties and with it comes the drama of being a community leader. While I am not handling it perfectly, I am handling it. However, he isn’t handling it at all despite the fact that he isn’t directly involved. In fact, he doesn’t want to go out to kink events anymore because of it. Should I stop pursuing leading the community to make things easier on him or should I find someone else? I want to be active in the community even if it is a member.

2) Joanne in Florida – My sir just collared me and we signed a slave contract. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about being a collared slave and I want to serve him in any way possible. In our slave contract however, there is a clause that I though sounded good at the time: “I must answer the phone when he calls”. Makes sense. However, when I am not his slave, I work in a call center where they prohibit personal calls. Once or twice he’s called during work and I have to hide phone and sneak off to a break room. I’m worried I’m going to get caught. How do I approach Master with this problem? I don’t want to break our contract so soon.

3) Ben in Texas – My Wife/Slave spent all of our savings! We were saving for a house together and she went to a casino with her friends. I have no problem with gambling whatsoever. This was a girls night out and I wasn’t supposed to attend. I did set a limit for her of $500 which she had saved so everything was fine. However, she had a few drinks and withdrew a significant portion of the savings we were saving to purchase a home. My issue isn’t the fact that she went over the limit. Behavior I can correct, and I know I can’t get the money back, but what do I do? I don’t want to send the message that I don’t trust her by taking away her debit card. It was a stupid drunken mistake. But I have two issues. How to prevent this from happening in the future and how to express my disappointment and get over it. It set us back significantly as far as owning a home. It feels like a betrayal.



Show notes: Sorry about the lack of episodes as of late. I’ve been teaching a lot, however, I never forgot about the show. More episodes to come!

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