What to do when the cops come a knocking

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It happens to most of us. At least until kink becomes more mainstream, sounds of screaming in ecstasy from whips sound just like the sounds of someone being murdered and the neighbors have called the police. They show up at the door. What do you do?

First and foremost, it varies from city to city, state to state. However these are general guidelines to follow but this is HARDLY a legal document.

  • Answer the door – While some might think that since no crime was committed  the cops won’t break down the door, not getting a response can give the officers probable cause to break down the door. After all, your neighbors reported someone screaming in pain. Any reasonable person might assume that something is wrong. Acknowledge the police at the door and put on clothes if applicable. Nothing fancy, just don’t be naked.
  • Stop the scene – Untie the bottom (if applicable). Make sure the person that was doing the screaming is present when speaking with the officers. Again, you don’t want to give them reason to search the house
  • Be honest – Be up front about what you were doing. Officers are trained to detect deceit so lying will only cause them to be suspicious of you.
  • Do NOT allow them entrance to your home, but do not impede them – Impeding an officer is a surefire way to get arrested. In most places, if an officer has been given permission to enter, anything he/she finds they can cite you with. However, if you do not give them permission, they cannot cite you for anything. Say something like “I do not give you permission to enter my home, but I will not impede you in your duties” if they persist.

While these are just guidelines, keep these in mind for dealing with law enforcement. Kink activities are legal in most places so there is not much an officer can do. However, familiarize yourself with local laws regarding kink. A good place to start is the NCSF’s page on assault laws. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have the law on your side.

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