Season 2 Episode 9

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Season 2 Episode 9

Season 2 Episode 9 | Volunteers

This week, I give a shout out to volunteers and event organizers everywhere


I also take your calls like these:

  • I just got involved with a new partner, but he isn’t into kink. I’ve been doing kink forever and would like to share in my experiences with him, if not have him embrace them. How do I broach this topic and let him know my desires,.
  • I’ve never played before I’m about to do so for the first time, what should my first type of play be
  • Sex really doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve just never enjoyed it. BDSM though I do enjoy. That is what really excites me. My current partner wants to have sex while we play. I am not really into that idea though. How do I tell her I am, not interested.

In the next weeks, I’ll be doing 1-2 out-of-state interviews and then a local one. Look forward to it.

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