Season 2 Episode 13

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Season 2 Episode 13

Season 2 Episode 13 | Shy personThis week we have several topics to tackle. The biggest however is what constitutes normal in the kink scene. We reference a post on Fetlife, however, for privacy, we won’t be linking directly to it (plus it’s been taken down).


  • My Boyfriend is into lactation, he wants to get me pregnant so that he can indulge in that fantasy. I think it’s sick and wrong. Can’t I find someone who is just “normal”?
  • When new people enter the community, one of the first things they need is guidance and safe friends. Is it possible to relate with people who are just coming into the community when you’ve been in it for a while?
  • My girlfriend really wants to put me into chastity. I’m not really sure about it though. Are there any risks associated with long term chastity?


Announcement, Rope_Squirrel, in his alter ego, will be presenting at Sin in the City 2016. However, that means there may be some opportunity for interviews in Vegas.

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