Season 2 Episode 11

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Season 2 Episode 11

PonyHugNo | Season 2 Episode 11


This week we discuss the NCSF Consent violation survey.

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Then we answer your questions:

  1. My girlfriend wants to have open relationship, I’m not sure I’m OK with that, but I honestly don’t know how to feel. Where can I go to get more information?
  2. So I am in love with this girl, but she seems uninterested in me when this other person is around. When He isn’t around, she is all over me. Am I in trouble?


Resources mentioned in the show:

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Maple Leaf | Season 2 Episode 11Also, for the next 45 days (Sept 24th – Nov 7th), Rope_Squirrel will be in Canada. Fear not though, we are making him bring his recording equipment so the show will go on.


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