Season 4 Episode 5

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Season 4 Episode 5

Firstly, I talk about the bad parts of ending a relationship and what you can do to be a better person in general and in the eyes of the people around you.


Then, we talk with Christian Kennedy about her new book The One Gold Slave. She was an absolute pleasure and think you all might enjoy the interview. It was a lot of fun to do. We discuss the book and her beginnings in the BDSM community (apparently, she was a dominatrix first). I’ll tell you one thing though, this book is FAR superior to Fifty Shades of Grey.

Season 4 Episode 5 | Christian Kennedy - The One Gold Slave.

Link to book:


As always though, we answer your questions, and Christian was gracious enough to help answer them as well.

Questions this week:

  • Tim in Nevada: I love my partner with all my heart. She is perfect for me. Well… almost. There are some types of play that she simply does not enjoy. The issue here is that I love doing them. Whenever I bring up the desire to play with others to fulfill my needs, a fight ensues usually revolving around me wanting to “cheat” on her. I don’t want to lose her, but I am going crazy not being able to do certain types of play, how do I broach this?
  • Elsa in Connecticut: I am relatively new to the scene. When I go to events, I’m often too scared to actually approach people to play. However, I really want to. It’s just… hard. How do I talk to people and bring up this topic without seeming creepy?
  • Jessica in Florida: My partner requested that she become my slave. The thing is, I have no idea what to do with it. I rather like the idea, but it’s daunting to think what to do with this submission. What should I be doing? What should I have them be doing?

As always, if you’d like to submit a question for a future show, please email [email protected] or call 804-404-KINK and leave a message.

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