Fetish Event Canceled

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It’s news posts like this that make me sad. Fetish Event Canceled. Every group likes to get together and meet. Book clubs, gun clubs and even church groups have no issues meeting. I know from personal experience how difficult finding a venue for a public event can be. In this case, it seems the event organizers got a bit farther than I did. Most venues I speak with tell me flatly no and, because of the community backlash it would surely incur, I understand why. It is sad however that, even with the proper precautions in place, BDSM events are still controversial. I’ve gone so far as to get insurance, line up volunteers, determine how best to maintain the privacy of the guests and control access to avoid exposing people to it and even paying double the rate and they still decline.

The mother did have a good point about possible leftovers and having to explain it to the children. Admittedly, I think it would be a little weird to be playing in a place where young children were only hours before. However, with an army of staff, you could easily sweep the entire play space top to bottom. I’d also hope that the venue would do its own cleaning after the event. Our big convention every year is in a hotel and they make sure to clean very¬†thoroughly¬†afterward.

I do appreciate Lisa Helps, the City Councillor standing up for the right for any group to rent the space. I’d hope that, with the proper precautions, ANY group could take advantage of the community center. If a pro-nazi group wanted to hold a rally, I’d hope the community center wouldn’t cave like they did here. It’s an event like any other, so is a BDSM play party. What do you think?


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