BDSM Club at college campus

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BDSM Club | Not actually a photo from the club, but you get the ideaBDSM club. While this isn’t a new development per say (several colleges already have these) it is refreshing to see BDSM and kink becoming more mainstream. The University of Southern California is but the latest addition to a collection of higher learning organizations that have official BDSM clubs. In this case it is a munch. Admittedly, anyone can have a munch, but the difference here is that it is an official school club and not just a social get together. I like the way we are heading in this area. I wish there had been BDSM club when I was in College. I instead went to the local city munch for my first experience. Still, I am very happy about this. I hope more schools follow suit.

BDSM is not anything people should be ashamed of. Perhaps it shouldn’t be mentioned in polite conversation with non-kinksters, just as you would do with your own sex life, but it should be something that, with like-minded individuals, that you all talk about. Only by providing education to budding kinksters can we prevent accidents and therefore BDSM being slammed on the news.



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