Season 5 Episode 2

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Season 5 Episode 1 | Season 5

Season 5 Episode 2

Kink in the Chain is back for our fifth season! We are excited! We have lots of things planned for 2018. Stay tuned!

This week, we tackle a topic that people ask me all the time. How to for starters go to a BDSM con and some tips and tricks for doing so. What do you think about this? Sound off in the comments below!

Questions this week:

  • Todd in Maine – Scenes with my Top GF have become routine. Honestly, it’s like I can see into the future. As soon as the blindfold goes on, I know what is coming next. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy what we do, but the predictability is starting to get to me. We added the blindfold actually to keep guessing, but it doesn’t really help….. What can I do?
  • Cynthia in Arizona – I need help! I know I am service oriented and a submissive in general. Naturally, I gravitate toward the submissive role whenever I scene. However, because I want to please everyone, I sometimes feel like I get walked all over. I don’t always get what I am looking for. How can I assert myself?
  • Stacy in Tennesee – Whenever I attend events and I enter the playspace, I am immediately confronted with scenes featuring types of play that I dislike or am scared of. I know I have no right to ask those people to stop playing but I cannot play in those spaces either. The energy is off and it ruins the night for me. Help!

As always, if you’d like to submit a question for a future show, please email [email protected] or call 804-404-KINK and leave a message.

Don’t forget! To celebrate our 5th Season, we are doing a giveaway. Click here to sign up. It ends May 1st. It asks for your email, but that is JUST for verification. We will NOT be keeping any of this data after the contest is over.

Season 3 Episode 2

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Season 3 Episode 2

Season 3 Episode 2 | Gender Negotiations

This time, we discuss negotiations, we speak with Lee Harrington about his latest book, and we answer your questions

Season 3 Episode 2 | Lee Harrington

Find Lee’s book here:

Your questions:

  • My significant other and I have been experimenting with light BDSM (Dom/sub, and light bondage), and have really been enjoying it. What are some nicknames/titles we can use that won’t come across as inappropriate or alarming outside of the bedroom. We would like to maintain our Dom/sub roles in our daily lives, without making others uncomfortable. We have even found a collar for me that looks like a necklace. Thank you.”. Bridget in North Carolina
  • I’m about to attend a BDSM event for the first time. However, I feel that I am lacking in the BDSM leather wear department. Where can I get some inexpensive leather clothing so I fit in? – Ben in Nashville TN
  • I’ve played with numerous people in the scene, but, when I do, there just doesn’t seem to be any passion. Don’t get me wrong I have a great time, and they seem to be having an amazing time, but I just don’t seem to enjoy it as much as they do. My heart just isn’t in it. How do I establish a connection with people even if it is just for a short time? Ann in California

Season 2 Episode 2

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Season 2 Episode 2
Season 2 Episode 2 | Marble Nude Male StatueSeason 2 Episode 2 | Marble Nude Female Statue

Any of the above sculptures wouldn’t be possible without being comfortable with the human body.

UC San Diego Teacher has nude final exam


This week we answer three questions:

What should I wear to a BDSM party?

Should I tell my friends and family about my kinks?

What do I do if my partner isn’t into kink?


As always, I hope you enjoy this week’s installment of the show. As mentioned in a previous post, the podcast will occur every two weeks. Be sure to send in the questions you’d like answered. [email protected] or via phone at 804-404-KINK. We love to hear feedback as well so let us know what you think.

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