Season 4 Episode 3

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Season 4 Episode 3

Firstly, I speak about how to build a scene. I go over some of the tricks I’ve learned and ways to make sure a scene goes smoothly.

I also get the pleasure of reviewing a product I purchased. A Behindbarz Chastity belt.

Note: They gave me a discount code if any of you would like to purchase one. Just use the promo code: RopeSquirrel50 and get £50 off (USD Conversion)

Full disclosure: BehindBarz did give me a slight discount on a belt, but there was no non-disparagement agreement. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by receiving a discount.


I was first introduced to this brand at Spanksgiving 2016. I was teaching a class on chastity and one of the audience members showed me his belt (with his keyholder’s permission of course 🙂 ). I fell in love with the belt. It looked so secure and the one issue I’d been having with belts is that I didn’t feel secure. I have some skill at lock picking and some of my previous models did not withstand my attempts. The only solution was the plastic locks but I liked the look of metal locks. To me, a scene isn’t complete if I feel that I can escape whenever I want. So I wanted a belt that made me truly feel helpless.

I reached out to Behindbarz and was very impressed with their product. They also allowed a significant amount of customization and that was really appreciated. For example, I requested mine in purple (and ordered matching cuffs from another person) and even had bondage attachment points put on the side of it. I elected for the Hanibal 1 model which only partially encloses the genitals to facilitate long term wear (at the advice of the Behindbarz staff.

Opening the box:

The belt was shipped quickly and arrived wrapped all pretty. I was really impressed with the presentation of the belt. I even got a laugh at the customs paperwork (it did ship from the UK) where it said the contents of the box was a metal sculpture. Still, opening the box was a treat and I rather enjoyed the experience. Because the order was rushed to get it to me in time for a presentation at Colorado LeatherFest, it is possible that one thing was overlooked. No instructions were included in mine. Being a tech guy by trade a rarely read instructions unless I have questions, but the wonderful staff was responsive to my questions via emails. I am sure that if I have any further questions, they would be happy to answer them for me.

Putting it on:

Putting the belt on was fairly straight forward. Initially, as it is with most belts, it takes some adjusting and getting used to. However, this involves bending and putting it on and seeing where it pinches. It did take a few weeks of work (though I could have done it quicker) but it is reasonable comfortable. The belt features twin cylinder key locks and I have yet to figure out how to pick those. I’ve found that wearing the “locking athletic cup” can sometimes protrude from khaki dress pants (which I wear every day). In order to avoid it being seen, I wear track pants and that seems to do the trick. However, to wear it to work, I simply have the front plate removed and then it’s fairly inconspicuous and yet fairly effective.  It takes a lot of bending before I got it comfortable, but now it’s hardly noticeable.

Overall impressions:

I really do like the product overall. It took some work to get a good fit, but in the end, it is effective. There is one area that it didn’t pass. Using a vibrator, I was able to achieve an orgasm, however, I am accustomed to vibrators and was rather aroused at the time. It wasn’t a very good orgasm, but it was possible, and I think I am in the minority of men (though I could be wrong) that uses a vibrator. However, I have yet to find a belt or cage that can prevent me from doing so. It certainly prevents sex and does it well. There really isn’t much chance of that happening. I originally thought that a more covered Hannibal model might solve the problem, but the way I achieved it was simply to vibrate the Hannibal itself so I don’t think more coverage would have hindered me.

As with all belts, you can’t really use a urinal and this in and of itself can take some getting used to. It is possible to use a urinal, but you might end up peeing on your shoes and who wants that? Use a stall. It’s the best way. There is minimal drippage afterward and a piece of toilet paper usually takes care of that effectively. Don’t forget to though or you might have a surprise in your pants later. I’ve also found that wearing underwear is not very comfortable so going commando, at least for me is ideal.

Can I get the thing off? Nope! Not without metal cutters. It is VERY secure. I truly feel helpless when I am locked in the device. I have tried to pick the lock, but so far, with no avail.

One thing I’ve actually found is that, with the Hannibal cup in place, you are fairly well armored. Actually had someone accidentally hit me in the groin (they were playing a VR game and I was walking near them) and let’s just say that I appreciated being armored. Didn’t even feel it.

Photos of me in belt

(coming soon)

Where can you get one?

The only place that I know if is their website:

Be sure to use my promo code.  RopeSquirrel50 to get £50 off (USD Conversion)


As promised, here is the recipe for the evil hot sauce popsicle:

Season 4 Episode 3 | Hot Sauce Popsicles.

First step:  Get an ice cube tray.
Second step:  Mix hot sauce and V8.
Last step:  Freeze for 1 1/2 days.


However, that is not all, I also get to speak with the people responsible for the product! I’m so happy. The interview is in this week’s episode. I speak with Joe from BehindBarz.

Finally, as we always do, we answer your questions. This week:

  • David in Illinois – I think I have control issues. The idea of chastity really does turn me on (so much so that sometimes when the belt or cage comes out I get hard and can’t put it on) but when I do put it on and the keys get taken away, I’m ok at first, but then I start to get angry and upset. I really don’t know why I feel this way. I think though it might stem from being out of control. Do you have any tips to overcome this?
  • Kendra in Washington – I’ve never been a keyholder before. My female partner wanted to be locked up and have control taken away from her. I’m nothing if not a pleaser, but now I’m not sure what to do? Can you give me an idea of some activities?
  • Charles in Maine – I can’t sleep in my belt. No matter how much I adjust it I do wake up in discomfort most nights. I am currently using a belt style of chastity belt. Would I have better luck with a cage or something? Cages seem to not fit me very well either. If I make the belt too tight it’s more comfortable at first, but then not. If I make it loose, it is just uncomfortable. How can I improve the fit of my belt to make it more comfortable?

I do realize these questions are chastity heavy, but I figured they suited the guests this week.


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