Season 3 Episode 5

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Season 3 Episode 5

Season 3 Episode 5 | leeharrington1

This week, we talk about a variety of topics. The first is something I call ostriching or people running away from the problem. However, on the lighter side, we talk with Lee Harrington about his new book Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities

As always, we answer your questions:

1) Tony in Colorado. Recently, at my office, a co-worker came out as transgender. Being active
in the kink community, I couldn’t be more supportive. The thing is, my support comes from my kink
community. I know that being a transgender person doesn’t equate with being kinky but alternative
lifestyles and transgender individuals are both somewhat disenfranchised. Should I come out to her
and be supportive?
2) Alicia in Vermont. I am a transgender individual. Before I came out, I was terrified to go to
any BDSM events in general. Now I am even more afraid. What can I expect when I attend a BDSM event?
Will I be welcomed? Is there anything I should do to prepare beforehand?
3) Ben in Connecticut. I am recently out of a long term relationship. Single and ready for
action. My question is, I have been being approached by people who are quite a bit younger than me. I
am 40, they are 24. I have no problems interacting with people who are younger, but I worry about the
stigma in the vanilla world of dating someone much younger. I usually try and stay above my age or
below my age by only 5 years. I do enjoy playing with her, but am I going to be in trouble later?



Sorry again for the long break. I had a lot of things going on in my local community and very little time to do anything. However, more episodes are incoming so keep those feeds dialed and stay tuned!

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