Season 2 Episode 2

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Season 2 Episode 2
Season 2 Episode 2 | Marble Nude Male StatueSeason 2 Episode 2 | Marble Nude Female Statue

Any of the above sculptures wouldn’t be possible without being comfortable with the human body.

UC San Diego Teacher has nude final exam


This week we answer three questions:

What should I wear to a BDSM party?

Should I tell my friends and family about my kinks?

What do I do if my partner isn’t into kink?


As always, I hope you enjoy this week’s installment of the show. As mentioned in a previous post, the podcast will occur every two weeks. Be sure to send in the questions you’d like answered. [email protected] or via phone at 804-404-KINK. We love to hear feedback as well so let us know what you think.

Season 2 Episode 2 Coming tomorrow

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Season 2 Episode 2 Coming tomorrow

Season 2 Episode 2 Coming tomorrow | So happySeason 2 Episode 2 Coming tomorrow! I realize that I misspoke in the podcast last week. Bi-Weekly would mean twice a week right? What I meant to say was every two weeks. However, a new episode will be going live Wednesday. I’m so excited.

Season 2 Episode 1

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Season 2 Episode 1

Finally, that moment you’ve all been waiting for! EPISODE 2!

Season 2 Episode 1 | Cheering Minions

Well… since the format and hosts have changed so drastically, I figured we should start a new season. But needless to say, we are back baby!


Here are the links to articles for this week’s episode:

The BDSM version of Facebook is under attack for ignoring women’s safety concerns

Kinky Competitor To AirBNB Lets Travelers Rent Out Dungeons

Prepare your ears for….. well… episode 2

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Episode 2 | Two ropes, get it?Episode 2 is on the way. Recording tonight. Brace yourselves.

Season 1 Episode 1

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It’s finally up! It took a bit of editing and some trial and error but it’s done. Hope you enjoy it and let us know your feedback about the show.

In this episode we discuss:


What is this picture of ribbon doing here? Listen to find out!

Season 1 Episode 1 | Ribbon

New player safety tips

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So you are brand new to the scene (and good for you!) or you are just curious. Like any other thing in life, we have our dangers. One thing unique about our lifestyle though is the bondage element. So extra care must be taken. This is not a post to scare you off but rather one to educate on things you can do to be more safe.

  1. Treat a first meeting of a Dom/sub with the same care you’d use on a first date. Meet in a public place. Don’t commit to play (vanilla world sex) on the first “date”. Get to know the person. If they insist on playing quickly and you are not comfortable with it, say so. If you two MUST play, do so at a club where there are other people around
  2. Have a safety call. For the first few dates, let someone know where you will be and a check in time. say you are meeting at 6pm at… I dunno.. Olive Garden. Your friend could call at 10:30pm to check in on you. Alternatively, you could have the friend call at 8:30pm with an “emergency” if you need an escape plan. Whatever you decide, make sure the friend knows where you will be. If you head over to his/her place, since you both came in separate cars, text your friend with the information of where that is. Keep your safety person in the loop. At least for the first few dates.
  3. Before playing talk about what CAN be done, not just what CAN’T be done. Kinksters are a creative bunch. For example, if you tell me that I can’t hit you with a whip or flogger, I will find something else to hit with that wasn’t covered (perhaps a bushel of roses). I probably won’t be ever invited to play again with you, but we love to find loopholes. Make sure that as a sub (or a dom) that you sit down and lay out what isn’t allowed to occur, and (at least at first) what is permitted. Too many skip this second step and while it might not lead to abuse, it can lead to hurt feelings that could have been avoided. Get to know each other a bit before getting “creative” with the negotiation.

In the end, it’s all about communication and safety. These two things are your friends when meeting new people.

Exodus Intl has an exodus of their own!

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Be it stimulation not related specifically to sex or the delicious states that inflicting and receiving pain from another can bring, Kink goes back much further than the 20th century. What most of us practice today though, can be attributed to the gay community. So, while this article in and of itself is not kink related, it does deserve to be mentioned if not celebrated by those of us who are kinky because, it is one less resource of oppression of those who differ from the ‘norm’.

Exodus International – a well known “church” of sorts which vowed to ‘pray the gay away’ *ugh, it makes me shudder & feel dirty to even write that phrase* – has decided to close its doors & quit preaching this message of bigotry & self-defined ‘better way’ or ‘right way’ to live.

And to that, I say WOOHOOO!!

Exodus International has spent over 30 years preaching this message: That being gay is wrong, you will burn in hell for it and – the most ludicrous of all its statements – that if you pray and just try, you can be a “normal” heterosexual male “Like God wants”. Essentially trying to turn you from gay into ex-gay. Now, think about that a moment. I want you to think about your sexuality for a second – whatever it may be – and now I want you to think of just how easy it would be for you to deny that and be some other sexuality that is NOT how you feel & may actually even repulse you! Yeah, that.

Waaay back in 2011 in March or so, I caught the show “Our America with Lisa Ling” on OWN and the episode was called “Pray the Gay Away?” . I’d heard of Exodus International before and knew of their message, I was intrigued and wanted to know just what the now leader was going to say to justify his beliefs. Emotional masochism at its best, I know. I watched and was kinda shocked by it all really. What I was NOT prepared for though was the next year, Alan Chambers stating that they will no longer use “reparative therapy” to remedy same-sex attraction…AND THAT IT WAS BROUGHT ON BECAUSE OF HIS INVOLVEMENT IN THE SHOW!!! And that another year later, he is shutting it down.

I have to admit, watching the process – all the shows & his reactions – play out over these past few years has been refreshing. I believe people can change or at least learn to shut their mouths or learn that what they did in their past was wrong. It doesnt take away from the harm you caused but, it is good to see and watch as one processes that journey from “Im a fucked up person but I dont realize it” to, “Holy shit, I am/have fucked up beliefs” to, “How can I change/fix this?” to, “I am actively changing”. Again, it doesnt absolve him – or others involved – of their behaviors and the harm they caused so many – and the suicides committed by LGBTQ’s all because they fell for the message and felt there was nothing else they could do – but, it’s a start.

Exodus International closing down is one LESS resource out there that shames people of their true nature.


For that alone, I am happy.

The science of pain!

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Here at KITC we’re not just kinky, we’re geeky as well.

If you’ve ever been on the giving or receiving end of something painful, chances are you’ve wondered about how one interprets pain & how some people can take “more” pain than another or, how one thing is particularly painful to one person and to another person needs a lot more stimulation before they feel pain.

And here is where science comes in!!
Granted, this video is using childbirth vs being kicked in the balls but, if you know many mothers or many males who are bottoms, youve probably heard that the pain was extreme to tolerable. The following video explains why!

Tell us about your experiences of extreme vs mild or tolerable pain in the comments!

BDSM National Events!

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Whether you want to get out of your town or see what’s in your backyard, these events are a wonderful way to gather with people like yourself across the nation – make new friends, see old ones that have moved or even just to travel and get some more education, these are just a few of the events that go on across the USA annually.


SWLC – Southwest Leather Conference – Phoenix, Az
Typically held in late January, this event is known as the spiritual BDSM conference but, dont be dettered, the “woo” is more of a throbbing undercurrent of the event in which the classes and events range from demo & play to the mental and how things feel to do. This event also hosts the SW M/s & SW bootblack contests which are a blast! Whether you wanna bang a drum or gather at the Danse of Souls hook pull, this event is one to take you just a bit further beyond your current expectations and understanding of what it is that we do.

MAL – MidAtlantic Leather Weekend – Washington, DC
Held in mid-January, the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend is an event and contest held on the east-coast that has a wonderful history. The Centaurs MC (motorcycle club) puts this event on every year and it hosts the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather contest as well.



BOLD – Los Angeles, Ca
In late February one of the most recent events on the circuit takes over LA, BOLD is an event for male dominated heterosexual leather identified individuals. The only known male dominant-female submissive conference in the world, for those who identify as such, this may be just the conference for you!

SITC – Sin In The City – Las Vegas, Nv
SITC – a relatively newcomer to the annual events list – is scheduled to be held in 2014 on Feb 28th thru March 2nd in the sinfully delicious Las Vegas. Its inaugural year in 2013 turned out to be a hit and this kinky little host is bummed she wasnt able to make it! Hosting the Southwest Olympus Leather contest, this event also includes stimulating classes, play parties & of course vending! If you’ve never been to Vegas before, now you have a reason to go!



SPLF – South Plains Leatherfest & International Master/slave Weekend – Dallas, Tx
SPLF in Dallas is held in early March and if you are queer or a history buff or just love Leathersex, this is one you have to see to believe. Its ongoing theme is “We will not forget” which is a reflection on the history of BDSM and how far weve come & honoring those who paved the way. Included in the weekend, the Int’l M/s Contest is well known for their heartwarming opening ceremony & the event itself isnt anything to scoff at either! With over 20 classes, a coffee ‘house’, the hot bootblacking stands and the various cruising parties, its worth considering!

KinkFest – Portland, Or
Held in late March every year, Kinkfest has the 2nd largest annual BDSM convention play space in the nation with over 30,000 sqft of room to squeal and screech to your heart’s delight! With three dungeon parties, world class presenters, a huge vendor hall and back massages – even this is one I want to check out sometime!

Leather & Leis – Private Location, Hawaii
Duh, Hawaii…need I say more? Well, I guess I should. Leather & Leis has its giant dungeon open 24hrs. Oh, you need more of a reason to go? Clothing optional pool, classes & amazing rooms at a retreat? Not a cheap event but, what other reason do you need to go to Hawaii?!



Frolicon – Atlanta, GA
Ever wanted a photo of your hot scene? Frolicon is one of the extremely few events where photographs – by the staff photographers – are taken. If youre squicked out, they explain the photos belong to the convention & will only be used for promotional materials for the convention. If that still doesnt help, the Frolicon Photo staff suggest you disguise yourself in some way as it is part of the event. Not bad for those who like good photos for free! With parties, games, classes, apparently Rocky Horror (I gotta see this), ‘geeks & freaks’ this could just be the event for you!

IMSL – International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack – San Francisco, Ca
A weekend, in San Fran, surrounded by hot Leather women from all across the world? Why wouldnt you want to go?! Held in mid-April, IMsL/IMsBB is a contest & educational event with hot sexy Leather women – and men! – hosted in a wonderful, recently renovated, hotel and you can see the bay from the uppermost floors! Lots of the usual, classes, play parties, and blah blah but…WOMEN!!! DONT FORGET THE HOT WOMEN!!!!



BL – Beyond Leather – Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
Typically held in the 1st week of May, this event is held in the sunny beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Fl in a 4-star hotel and hosts the Intl. Power Exchange Contest as well as the International Pony Play Championships. This event’s classes and panels cover the gambit of topics and types from spiritual to demos to rope to edge play!

DomCon/International Olympus Leather – Los Angeles, Ca
About early to mid May is DomCon – “The World’s Premier Professional and Lifestyle Domination Convention” – Takes over LA to fill their hotel with professional Dom/me’s from across the nation as well as to bring together the BDSM and Leahter community for classes, panels and events! The International Olympus Leather contest is held during this conference as well and with male & female Olympus Leather winners from all over the US, this is one contest youre gonna want to see!

Shibaricon – Chicago, Il
Rope, rope, rope, rope, rope…ROPE! Get the idea yet? Shibaricon is the event for rope enthusiasts! Classes about ties & suspensions and kinds of rope & different knots. With four days of classes, a daytime play space to practice your rope skills, hands-on tutoring from the presenters & a ton of equipment to play on, if you like rope, you’ll want to check this out in late May!

IML – International Mr Leather & International Mr Bootblack – Chicago, Il
This Memorial Day Weekend event has just finished celebrating 35 years! Initially a bar contest, IML long ago grew out of the bar and has moved on to much larger venues! This contest & hot event is legendary and no matter where you fall in the gender spectrum, you are welcome to attend and root for your favorite contestants from across the nation & world!



TITM – Thunder in the Mountians – Denver, Co
Thunder – held in mid July – with 40,000sqft of play space has THE largest play area for an annual BDSM convention in the USA. That’s not the only reason to check it out though! With over 15 presenters, 30+ classes ranging from demo’s to insight to self-advancement, the bootblack stands as well as the game night, RMLSb/CBB (Rocky Mtn Leather Sir, Leather boy & Community Bootblack) contest and the off site after party on Sunday?! – this is one event you MUST attend at LEAST once.



RMOL – Rocky Mtn. Olympus Leather –  Location of hotel given upon registration, SLC, Ut
Another relatively new event, RMOL is a small event with a HUGE heart & it feels like coming home. With 15+ classes, the awesome Contest of hot Leathermen & women, and fun play parties, this event is one you will enjoy! The local community is so warm and welcoming, you wont want to leave, be sure to check this one out sometime as well if you can!


BV – Beyond Vanilla – (currently) Dallas, Tx
In late September its time for Beyond Vanilla! With the help of NLA Dallas, these classes and keynotes are definitely ones you will want to try and checkout someday!

Folsom Street Fair – San Francisco, Ca
Let your kink flags fly! Think of this event as PRIDE – cept you can be naked here! – for all kinky people of every shape, size, color, gender, orientation & lifestyle. This event is one huge party with vendors galore, dance stages, public play areas, a live stage & an erotic artists area! Held in late September every year, Folsom gives you another excuse to go back to San Fran baby!


Victoria’s Secret’s Blunder Bust

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Victoria’s Secret bras…they’ll push & pull and lift boobs in ways that guys have complained for years are misleading!
Well, now it seems that Victoria’s Secret wont be supporting the boobs that need the most support – those that have undergone mastectomy. In January, Allana Maiden started a petition on asking Victoria’s Secret to make a mastectomy bra for cancer survivors. Allana’s mother – a breast cancer survivor for over 2 decades – has to drive almost a half an hour away just to get a specialty made bra. Miss Maiden thought that breast cancer survivors – young and old – should have easier access to beautiful and great fitting bras. VS was practically handed a PR wet dream, unfortunately they’ve stated they will not be making mastectomy bras anytime soon.

Don’t give em too much hell though, at least they tried! As noted in a public statement from VS

Through our research, we have learned that fitting and selling mastectomy bras in the right way…a way that is beneficial to women is complicated and truly a science. As a result, we believe that the best way for us to make an impact for our customers is to continue funding cancer research.

Check out more on this story at


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