Season 2 Episode 8

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Season 2 Episode 8

Season 2 Episode 8 | Race Bannon at Southwest Leather Conference Keynote


This week, I want to start off by sharing with you a keynote I got to hear in person at Southwest Leather Conference 2014. It was given by Race Bannon and quite honestly, it was life changing to me. In case it ever goes offline, I’ll make a page for it:

Next, I interview Paul Rulof about his book Power Over Pleasure: A Training Program for Female Orgasms By Vocal Command. It was interesting to talk about this topic.

Season 2 Episode 8 | Paul Rulof

Finally, we take your calls and answer them (Paul and I both answered them)

  • I like to think I am good in bed, but sometimes my Girlfriend just cannot achieve Orgasm. I think I’m doing all the right things, I’m stimulating both the clit and the internal bits, but I just can’t seem to do it? What can I do to help this process along? – Spelunker
  • When my girlfriend orgasms, it tends to be several in a row and then it stops. Is there any way to keep her riding the wave? – MultiO
  • How can I tell if my Girlfriend is faking her orgasm? I mean, I don’t think she is, but how can I be sure? – RealorFake


As a side note, I am getting more interviews together in the upcoming weeks. Expect those!

Season 2 Episode 7

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Season 2 Episode 7

Season 2 Episode 7 | Chantelle Tibbaks This week I have a special surprise for you. Not just one, but two guests.   I have Dr Chauntelle Tibbals, author of a new book: Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment. She and I answer your questions. Her and I also discuss her book and some of the insights behind it. I rather enjoyed this! Viewer Questions:

  • (Due to an issue with the recording, question 1 had to be removed. Having changed microphones, I couldn’t cover this up. I know it sounds awful)
  • Music is always an issue for me. Be that in the bedroom or at the club, it is tough for me to find the right kind of music. Sometimes the local club plays something that I enjoy to play to, other times, it’s just awful. I bring my own music sometimes, but I’d like to not drown out the world simply to enjoy myself. Should I talk to the club about it? Where can I find good universally accepted dungeon music? –Castrado in Florida
  • How do I plan a play scene? My Girlfriend always wants all kinds of theatrics when we play. Role playing and such. However, I’m not very good at it. I ruin the scenes consistently and it drags us both out of it? How can I become more confident in roleplaying? Are there any kind of roleplaying in the bedroom classes I can take? – BadActor in California

Season 2 Episode 7 | Instant Hell Next, a man who makes a product that honestly scares me, and I didn’t think much could scare me anymore in the BDSM scene. The Professor from Instant hell comes on to talk about his product. If you’d like a free sample of it, he is willing to send one. For listeners of this podcast just send an email to [email protected] with where you’d like it shipped. Be sure to mention Kink in the Chain. I’m curious to try it myself. FYI, this was not a paid endorsement or anything. I genuinely am curious about the product. I’ll be interviewing a few more product makers in the episodes to come.   This week in news, I have a favor to ask of you dear listener. Would you be willing to sign a petition? Season 2 Episode 7 | Zachary Anderson

I discuss this in “What’s kinky this week”. In short though, he was deceived and had sex with an underage girl and now he’s a sex offender and serving jail time. I really hope we can all come together and salvage his life. Kids make mistakes, but as of now this 19 year old’s life is over.

Link to Zachary Anderson’s Petition


BDSM Club at college campus

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BDSM Club | Not actually a photo from the club, but you get the ideaBDSM club. While this isn’t a new development per say (several colleges already have these) it is refreshing to see BDSM and kink becoming more mainstream. The University of Southern California is but the latest addition to a collection of higher learning organizations that have official BDSM clubs. In this case it is a munch. Admittedly, anyone can have a munch, but the difference here is that it is an official school club and not just a social get together. I like the way we are heading in this area. I wish there had been BDSM club when I was in College. I instead went to the local city munch for my first experience. Still, I am very happy about this. I hope more schools follow suit.

BDSM is not anything people should be ashamed of. Perhaps it shouldn’t be mentioned in polite conversation with non-kinksters, just as you would do with your own sex life, but it should be something that, with like-minded individuals, that you all talk about. Only by providing education to budding kinksters can we prevent accidents and therefore BDSM being slammed on the news.



Season 2 Episode 6

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Season 2 Episode 6

Season 2 Episode 6 | Gay Marriage


You have no idea how happy this made me. I know that we put out a post about this on the weekend of, but this is the first show I’ve had to talk about it. These are exciting times we are living in and I am so happy that everyone now has the right to marry and for that to be recognized in any state of the United States. This week we talk about this development.

Gay Marriage Legal across the US

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Gay marriage legal | Flower Heart

Gay Marriage Legal across the US. It has been a long time coming. I know we are not the first to report on this (we here at the podcast were all at a convention this weekend), however it makes us happy that this is finally settled. Friday morning when we saw the CNN notification on our phones made us so happy. It was an amazing day. The convention itself was adult oriented so throughout the weekend everyone was talking about it as well.

Season 2 Episode 3

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Season 2 Episode 3

Season 2 Episode 3 | Mall 1Season 2 Episode 3 | Mall 2Season 2 Episode 3 | Outside 1Season 2 Episode 3 | Outside 2

News Link: Man walks woman on dog leash through Staten Island Mall

This week we answer three questions:

  1. How to do I play in public?
  2. Is there such a thing as monogamy in BDSM?
  3. How do I know if someone shares my kinks?

As a side note, I have a special announcement that I make at the end of the episode. If you want to be bad, and who doesn’t you can skip right to it and hear it. But needless to say I am very excited about it. Look for this special thing in a future podcast.


Be sure to send in the questions you’d like answered. [email protected] or via phone at 804-404-KINK. We love to hear feedback as well so let us know what you think. I am going to be having a guest soon. This should prove…. interesting 🙂


Exodus Intl has an exodus of their own!

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Be it stimulation not related specifically to sex or the delicious states that inflicting and receiving pain from another can bring, Kink goes back much further than the 20th century. What most of us practice today though, can be attributed to the gay community. So, while this article in and of itself is not kink related, it does deserve to be mentioned if not celebrated by those of us who are kinky because, it is one less resource of oppression of those who differ from the ‘norm’.

Exodus International – a well known “church” of sorts which vowed to ‘pray the gay away’ *ugh, it makes me shudder & feel dirty to even write that phrase* – has decided to close its doors & quit preaching this message of bigotry & self-defined ‘better way’ or ‘right way’ to live.

And to that, I say WOOHOOO!!

Exodus International has spent over 30 years preaching this message: That being gay is wrong, you will burn in hell for it and – the most ludicrous of all its statements – that if you pray and just try, you can be a “normal” heterosexual male “Like God wants”. Essentially trying to turn you from gay into ex-gay. Now, think about that a moment. I want you to think about your sexuality for a second – whatever it may be – and now I want you to think of just how easy it would be for you to deny that and be some other sexuality that is NOT how you feel & may actually even repulse you! Yeah, that.

Waaay back in 2011 in March or so, I caught the show “Our America with Lisa Ling” on OWN and the episode was called “Pray the Gay Away?” . I’d heard of Exodus International before and knew of their message, I was intrigued and wanted to know just what the now leader was going to say to justify his beliefs. Emotional masochism at its best, I know. I watched and was kinda shocked by it all really. What I was NOT prepared for though was the next year, Alan Chambers stating that they will no longer use “reparative therapy” to remedy same-sex attraction…AND THAT IT WAS BROUGHT ON BECAUSE OF HIS INVOLVEMENT IN THE SHOW!!! And that another year later, he is shutting it down.

I have to admit, watching the process – all the shows & his reactions – play out over these past few years has been refreshing. I believe people can change or at least learn to shut their mouths or learn that what they did in their past was wrong. It doesnt take away from the harm you caused but, it is good to see and watch as one processes that journey from “Im a fucked up person but I dont realize it” to, “Holy shit, I am/have fucked up beliefs” to, “How can I change/fix this?” to, “I am actively changing”. Again, it doesnt absolve him – or others involved – of their behaviors and the harm they caused so many – and the suicides committed by LGBTQ’s all because they fell for the message and felt there was nothing else they could do – but, it’s a start.

Exodus International closing down is one LESS resource out there that shames people of their true nature.


For that alone, I am happy.

Is BDSM really taboo anymore?

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Yes kids, you used to have to EARN you leather.

I really don’t want this post to degrade into a “back in my day….” post. I acknowledge that by most BDSM standards I am relatively new and some of the kinky practices of my generation are looked down upon by the old guard of BDSM. However, though punctuated by the record sales of Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM has been becoming more and more accepted into our culture. Now, I for one will not argue that a more sex-positive culture is a good one. However, part of the draw of BDSM was the fact that it was an alternative lifestyle. That means that not everyone is doing it. However, we now live in an age where you can walk into a Claire’s and buy handcuff earrings(Come one girl! You aren’t fooling anyone!). Whips are given at bachelor/bachelorette parties as gifts.

Years ago, BDSM was done in secret, usually in hidden places such as basements. Now we have conventions and street festivals. We have muncheseducational camping conventions and full-blown BDSM clubs. Honestly, whether it is a good thing or not, BDSM has become more accepted by the populace as a way to spice up your love life. Admittedly I do get a sexual thrill when I top or bottom. However, part of that thrill is the fact that it is different and taboo.

Like High school, is it really cool if EVERYONE is doing it? True it’s good to fit in with the crowd. I think the turning point will be when a bride and groom (or groom/groom bride/bride) can list floggers and chains on their wedding registry. When people in formal wear (or formal leather) feel comfortable giving these kinds of things not as gag gifts, but full on legitimate gifts.

In the end, it is preferable that the world is changing in this way. Too often I am cited as an american as being a bit prudish regarding sex (tried to find a clip from the movie eurotrip). I happen to agree though. Take the “wardrobe malfunction” from the Superbowl. People flipped out. Come on people, it’s just a breast! While perhaps it was unwanted in this context, we are doing more harm to the children we are claiming to protect by demonizing it. Therefore, even though I will soon be part of the majority sexually, I welcome this new wave of BDSM acceptance. It will further us along as a society and bring us in line with the rest of the world.


Still this is all my opinion, what do you think?

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