Exodus Intl has an exodus of their own!

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Be it stimulation not related specifically to sex or the delicious states that inflicting and receiving pain from another can bring, Kink goes back much further than the 20th century. What most of us practice today though, can be attributed to the gay community. So, while this article in and of itself is not kink related, it does deserve to be mentioned if not celebrated by those of us who are kinky because, it is one less resource of oppression of those who differ from the ‘norm’.

Exodus International – a well known “church” of sorts which vowed to ‘pray the gay away’ *ugh, it makes me shudder & feel dirty to even write that phrase* – has decided to close its doors & quit preaching this message of bigotry & self-defined ‘better way’ or ‘right way’ to live.

And to that, I say WOOHOOO!!

Exodus International has spent over 30 years preaching this message: That being gay is wrong, you will burn in hell for it and – the most ludicrous of all its statements – that if you pray and just try, you can be a “normal” heterosexual male “Like God wants”. Essentially trying to turn you from gay into ex-gay. Now, think about that a moment. I want you to think about your sexuality for a second – whatever it may be – and now I want you to think of just how easy it would be for you to deny that and be some other sexuality that is NOT how you feel & may actually even repulse you! Yeah, that.

Waaay back in 2011 in March or so, I caught the show “Our America with Lisa Ling” on OWN and the episode was called “Pray the Gay Away?” . I’d heard of Exodus International before and knew of their message, I was intrigued and wanted to know just what the now leader was going to say to justify his beliefs. Emotional masochism at its best, I know. I watched and was kinda shocked by it all really. What I was NOT prepared for though was the next year, Alan Chambers stating that they will no longer use “reparative therapy” to remedy same-sex attraction…AND THAT IT WAS BROUGHT ON BECAUSE OF HIS INVOLVEMENT IN THE SHOW!!! And that another year later, he is shutting it down.

I have to admit, watching the process – all the shows & his reactions – play out over these past few years has been refreshing. I believe people can change or at least learn to shut their mouths or learn that what they did in their past was wrong. It doesnt take away from the harm you caused but, it is good to see and watch as one processes that journey from “Im a fucked up person but I dont realize it” to, “Holy shit, I am/have fucked up beliefs” to, “How can I change/fix this?” to, “I am actively changing”. Again, it doesnt absolve him – or others involved – of their behaviors and the harm they caused so many – and the suicides committed by LGBTQ’s all because they fell for the message and felt there was nothing else they could do – but, it’s a start.

Exodus International closing down is one LESS resource out there that shames people of their true nature.


For that alone, I am happy.

The science of pain!

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Here at KITC we’re not just kinky, we’re geeky as well.

If you’ve ever been on the giving or receiving end of something painful, chances are you’ve wondered about how one interprets pain & how some people can take “more” pain than another or, how one thing is particularly painful to one person and to another person needs a lot more stimulation before they feel pain.

And here is where science comes in!!
Granted, this video is using childbirth vs being kicked in the balls but, if you know many mothers or many males who are bottoms, youve probably heard that the pain was extreme to tolerable. The following video explains why!

Tell us about your experiences of extreme vs mild or tolerable pain in the comments!

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