Is BDSM really taboo anymore?

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Yes kids, you used to have to EARN you leather.

I really don’t want this post to degrade into a “back in my day….” post. I acknowledge that by most BDSM standards I am relatively new and some of the kinky practices of my generation are looked down upon by the old guard of BDSM. However, though punctuated by the record sales of Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM has been becoming more and more accepted into our culture. Now, I for one will not argue that a more sex-positive culture is a good one. However, part of the draw of BDSM was the fact that it was an alternative lifestyle. That means that not everyone is doing it. However, we now live in an age where you can walk into a Claire’s and buy handcuff earrings(Come one girl! You aren’t fooling anyone!). Whips are given at bachelor/bachelorette parties as gifts.

Years ago, BDSM was done in secret, usually in hidden places such as basements. Now we have conventions and street festivals. We have muncheseducational camping conventions and full-blown BDSM clubs. Honestly, whether it is a good thing or not, BDSM has become more accepted by the populace as a way to spice up your love life. Admittedly I do get a sexual thrill when I top or bottom. However, part of that thrill is the fact that it is different and taboo.

Like High school, is it really cool if EVERYONE is doing it? True it’s good to fit in with the crowd. I think the turning point will be when a bride and groom (or groom/groom bride/bride) can list floggers and chains on their wedding registry. When people in formal wear (or formal leather) feel comfortable giving these kinds of things not as gag gifts, but full on legitimate gifts.

In the end, it is preferable that the world is changing in this way. Too often I am cited as an american as being a bit prudish regarding sex (tried to find a clip from the movie eurotrip). I happen to agree though. Take the “wardrobe malfunction” from the Superbowl. People flipped out. Come on people, it’s just a breast! While perhaps it was unwanted in this context, we are doing more harm to the children we are claiming to protect by demonizing it. Therefore, even though I will soon be part of the majority sexually, I welcome this new wave of BDSM acceptance. It will further us along as a society and bring us in line with the rest of the world.


Still this is all my opinion, what do you think?

Denver council rejects swingers club settlement

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While this occurred in 2010, it certainly is troubling. We’ve run into this with city governments before. I understand that they might feel that what we do is wrong. However, that is no excuse for dismissing lawsuits. The fact that the officers raided the club without a warrant and took property without said warrant certainly say a lot. Again, these are all allegations, but it is a worrisome allegation if true. And the fact that it was dismissed is also worrisome. What do you think about it?

New Yorkers search more for BDSM porn compared to rest of the world

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New Yorkers are getting their freak on — behind closed doors.

While BDSM enthusiasts tell Metro they have definitely seen more newcomers to the underground sex scene, newly released statistics by adult entertainment site YouPorn show New Yorkers are most exploring their kinky curiosities in the privacy of their own homes.

According to the numbers, searches for BDSM-related porn on the site are up worldwide, likely due to the explosion of popularity for the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

But here in New York, we’re searching that kind of porn with the largest spike, at an 89.7 percent increase from April to June of 2012, compared to a worldwide increase of 67 percent, according to YouPorn.

“New Yorkers spanked the competition,” YouPorn said of the statistics.

A spokesman for the site said they were able to compile the data using analytic software that could tell which geographic area searches came from.

The news doesn’t come as a surprise to people who are embedded in New York’s kinky community.

“There has been an uptick on the scene, but you are seeing way more people doing it from home,” Bo Blaze, who has been active in New York’s BDSM scene for more than 20 years, told Metro. “I would attribute it mostly to New York being an awesome, kinky town, and people here are curious.”

New Yorkers are searching for the terms “sex slave” and “master” more than ever, with a 109.2 percent increase and 113.82 percent increase, respectively. The rest of the world is searching for that type of porn, but only at a 78.96 percent and 71.91 percent increase.

The master-slave relationship takes a front seat in the wildly popular “Fifty Shades,” which could explain the recent interest.

“No book sells 32 million copies without a cultural shift happening, and New York leads that,” Blaze said.

Guy Sanders, a spokesman for the Eulenspiegel Society — New York’s oldest BDSM group, which promotes sexual liberation for adults — agreed, adding that the city has historically served as a pioneer when it comes to sexuality.

“The gay pride movement really took force in New York,” Sanders said. “New Yorkers are progressive sexually and open sexually and have a tendency to lead the way.”

Other terms that porn viewers in New York are searching for at a higher increase compared to the rest of the world include “domination” and “sadism.”

This was interesting. Another example of how Fifty Shades is changing kink culture by making it more mainstream. While we are still more sexually repressed than the rest of the world, it is still very interesting to see kink moving forward. Whether it is good or bad, only time will tell. What do you think?

Fetish Event Canceled

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It’s news posts like this that make me sad. Fetish Event Canceled. Every group likes to get together and meet. Book clubs, gun clubs and even church groups have no issues meeting. I know from personal experience how difficult finding a venue for a public event can be. In this case, it seems the event organizers got a bit farther than I did. Most venues I speak with tell me flatly no and, because of the community backlash it would surely incur, I understand why. It is sad however that, even with the proper precautions in place, BDSM events are still controversial. I’ve gone so far as to get insurance, line up volunteers, determine how best to maintain the privacy of the guests and control access to avoid exposing people to it and even paying double the rate and they still decline.

The mother did have a good point about possible leftovers and having to explain it to the children. Admittedly, I think it would be a little weird to be playing in a place where young children were only hours before. However, with an army of staff, you could easily sweep the entire play space top to bottom. I’d also hope that the venue would do its own cleaning after the event. Our big convention every year is in a hotel and they make sure to clean very thoroughly afterward.

I do appreciate Lisa Helps, the City Councillor standing up for the right for any group to rent the space. I’d hope that, with the proper precautions, ANY group could take advantage of the community center. If a pro-nazi group wanted to hold a rally, I’d hope the community center wouldn’t cave like they did here. It’s an event like any other, so is a BDSM play party. What do you think?


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